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Any construction project creates the possibility of legal problems. The construction attorneys at ROLAND | RICK | STOCK are available to represent owners, contractors and subcontractors with construction-related problems whenever and wherever they arise. Roland Stock’s experience includes working with owners, architects and engineers on contract planning and document creation. Our construction lawyers have considerable experience litigating issues that have developed during the construction process, such as disputes over contract interpretation, project scheduling, deficient workmanship, and project related injuries. Our labor and employment attorneys can help with issues such as prevailing wage matters and employee or independent contractor status.

Capable legal representation often minimizes the scope and extent of problems that can arise from construction projects. ROLAND | RICK | STOCK is able to provide the resources necessary to resolve and/or litigate any problems related to all types of construction projects, whether commercial, industrial or residential.

ROLAND | RICK | STOCK attorneys work to achieve results in a practical, cost-effective manner. We take the time to understand the particulars of each case and then provide in-depth analysis applying our awareness of unique local issues and sensitivity to the requirements of the client. Our approach has saved clients money in the long-term by avoiding the pitfalls of unnecessary legal action or protracted litigation. ROLAND | RICK | STOCK’s attorneys have the necessary experience to produce successful outcomes, whether in court, at arbitration, or by negotiation.

We understand the legal issues and day-to-day problems that you encounter. Allow us to formulate a customized legal plan for you that provides timeliness of service, attention to detail, and a practical strategy to address current issues, avoid future issues and long-term consequences.

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